The Heisei Era is over, and I left LINE.

I've worked at LINE for 2 and half years. LINE was my first company in Japan. They've helped me a lot so that I could get accustomed to living and working in Japan. I would say LINE is the best company I've ever worked at so far, and also one of the best companies in Japan.


One word describing LINE's environment is freedom. We all have freedom to decide what we do at LINE. Nothing is predefined for us to do, and we can (and should) define which problem we solve and how we solve it. Schedules are rarely fixed, and developers can always discuss about how they work.

One great example of the freedom at LINE is its fully flexible working hours. Basically, one can decide how much and when they work. It needn't be 8 hours a day, neither is there a core time. Managers do not care of working hours, but of results.


I personally think people is the best part of LINE. Liners (people working at LINE) are humble and open-minded. Actually, humility is the best thing I learnt from LINE, after I met various types of good engineers. Most of Liners have service-oriented mindsets and I think it's a good thing for LINE.

I also like to meet Liners in private. We drunk together, we had barbecues together, they sometimes visited my indie booth, etc. I even learnt driving from them. I would say that they are already my close friends.

Other stuffs

LINE surely has all other stuffs that good companies share. Good desks and chairs, good office, good cafe, good gaming space with Switch and PS4, good study meetups, good club activities, etc.

Oh, most importantly, good salary too.

Time to leave

Well, nothing is perfect, neither is LINE.

LINE has been getting larger and larger, and some parts started to disappoint me. All in all, I thought it was a right time to move on.

What's next

I am going to start working as a software engineer at Google. I believe it is a great company and I can improve a lot by working with great people as well.

I'm excited for the Reiwa Era, and also for my new journey through it.