Now, most of command line platforms have got True Color support. iTerm3, Tmux, (Neo)Vim, and literally every tool I use for my daily works, except for Emacs.

Fortunately, there's unofficial patch for Emacs to support True Color. Today I succeeded in making it work, and would like to share it briefly.


1. The source code of Emacs 24.5

We should apply a patch to the Emacs source code and build it manually. You can easily find the code online. I personally used the GitHub mirror. FYI, downloading an archive is a way faster than cloning the whole repo.

The newest version of Emacs is actually 25, but I failed to find a patch for Emacs 25.

2. The True Color patch

It's just a diff file which enables True Color in Emacs.

How to do

First, prepare the code and the patch above.

cd emacs-emacs-24.5
wget https:/ ... /emacs-24.5-24bit.diff

Second, apply the patch. You can do it with the patch command or git apply if you're in a git repo(recommended).

git apply emacs-24.5-24bit.diff

Now build the source code.


Some build errors may or may not occur, but they must be easily resolved with some Googling :)

Now, the built binary will be placed in src/emacs. Just copy it to $PATH and that's it.

The True Color support is not enabled by default. Please set a command line argument --color=true-color, or set an environment variable EMACS_TRUE_COLOR_SEPARATOR as : or ;.

emacs --color=true-color

# or


That's it. Happy Emacs!